Thermal transfer

     Thermal transfer is the pattern printed on the heat-resistant adhesive tape, by heating, pressurizing to ink layer pattern printing to the finished product material on a technology. Because of the transfer operation, so even if the patterns have a variety of color that customers can shorten the printing pattern operation, reduced the printing error caused by the loss of materials (finished). By use thermal transfer film printing can make multicolor pattern a molding, without register, simple devices can also be printed in vivid pattern.

    Thermal transfer technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, decorative building materials etc. Because of its corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention, does not change color in outdoor for 15 years and other characteristics, almost all of the goods in this way made label. For example, open a shell of mobile phone can see internal veinsin label with a bar code. A lot of labeling requirements can withstand the test of time, long term deformation, do not fade, not because of exposure to solvents will wear, not because of higher temperature on the deformation of discoloration, it is necessary to use a special material printing medium and printing materials to ensure that these characteristics, that general ink-jet and laser printing technology is unable to achieve.
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Thermal transfer